Macrolide Pharmaceuticals is now Zikani Therapeutics

Company Aligns its Focus to Explore the Full Potential of its Chemistry Platfrom to Build Novel Macrocyclic Ribosome Modulating Compounds

WATERTOWN, MA – APRIL 23, 2019 – Macrolide Pharmaceuticals, an early stage research-based pharmaceutical company, announced today it is changing its name to Zikani Therapeutics to better reflect the company’s mission and focus on exploring the full potential of its platform to develop new oral small molecules that target the ribosome.

“Refreshing our identity as Zikani Therapeutics reflects an important step in our journey to fully explore the potential of our platfrom and build a leading disease discovery company focused on a range of high unmet need diseases.,” said Zikani Therapeutics President and CEO Sumit Aggarwal. “As science makes progress in overcoming some of the most significant medical challenges, the potential of the ribosome as a target remains largely untapped. Our technology is well suited to unlocking the full potential of the ribosome as target.”

Zikani derives its name from a rare butterfly – a species thought to be extinct and rediscovered in 1991. The company’s logo reflects the combination of the Zikani butterfly and the ribosome that the company’s drug agents work to modulate. “The new name and the strength of the Zikani butterfly inspires our organization to make a meaningful difference for patients with few therapeutic solutions,” added Aggarwal.

Ribosomal RNAs form the translation machinery that generates functional proteins from genetic sequencies. Ribosome modulation provides a therapeutic approach to addressing a number of diseases, but the development of disease-specific ribosome modulators has been a challenge. Zikani’s technology works to modulate the ribosome so that it can be optimized to target the human ribosome in disease-specific manner.

About Zikani Therapeutics Zikani Therapeutics is an emerging leader in the science of ribosome modulation, working to discover early-stage compounds for development across a number of therapeutic areas, including inherited diseases and cancers caused by nonsense mutations. For more information, visit

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