Our Science

Our Approach to
Ribosome targeted drugs

Many drug classes are known to bind to all or part of the ribosome. However, many of these drugs have safety, efficacy or delivery liabilities that have prevented their full potential to be tapped

At Zikani, we start with a rational approach to designing Ribosome Targeting Molecules (RTMs), that expands the structural diversity of these molecules. Our goal is to develop breakthrough RTMs that are orally delivered, safe and potent for the most difficult diseases.

Selected Publications

Seiple IB et al. A platform for the discovery of new macrolide antibiotics. Nature. 2016 May 19;533(7603):338-45. Pubmed

Lahiri SD and Alm RA. Improved Antimicrobial Activity of Fully Synthetic Macrolides against Macrolide Resistant Gram-positive Isolates.Poster presented at: ASM Microbe; June 19, 2016; Boston, MA. Link